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Beirut Explosion Fundraiser

In August, a large explosion erupted at the Port of Beirut. This explosion has caused over 200 deaths, 7,000 injuries, and displaced hundreds of thousands of Lebanese people.

Our father’s homeland of Lebanon has seen a disaster, unlike anything in recent years. In response to this disaster, we would like to hold a special fundraiser on our 29th anniversary to raise funds for all those affected by this horrendous tragedy.

100% of Sales Donated

100% of all sales, not just proceeds or profits, will be donated directly to the Lebanese Red Cross to assist in medical aid and recovery efforts.

Please help us provide the support that our brothers and sisters in Lebanon desperately need. Order anything from our menu, dine in or to go, and we will donate all sales to the Lebanese Red Cross.

UPDATE: Thank you Wichita!

Thanks to your incredible, humbling, amazing, and unbelievable support we were able to donate an incredible $11,628.86 directly to the Lebanese Red Cross.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all those that came out and waited patiently – even as we were running out of food.

Header Image “Damage after the Beirut explosion” attribution Mehr News Agency

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